What to Do If I Need To Correct My Sentence

Can you correct my sentence? If you are one of those who are worried that they made some errors with their paper then you really should look for help online. Having someone proofread and edit your work can save you from submitting a paper that has plenty of errors. However, not everyone has the means to hire an editor to go through their essay or their report but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem especially when there are free sentence correctors online.

Correct This Sentence Please

If you’re asking, “Can you correct my sentence?” then you know that there is something wrong with your work. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about this because not everyone can write a perfect paper on their first try. It’s not uncommon to make simple mistakes like a spelling error, missing punctuation or wrong tense used. This is why you need to go over your paper after you’ve written it to make sure that you fix the mistakes you’ve made. Also, the great idea is to learn more about the structure of the paper you are working on, its peculiarities or, for example, sentence starters for essays.

4 Types of Sentence Structure

First of all, let’s check what are 4 types of sentence structure to learn the basic mistakes people make in them.

  • A simple sentence has only one independent clause.
  • A compound sentence has two or more independent clauses.
  • A complex sentence has one independent and one dependent clause.
  • A compound-complex sentence has several independent clauses (two or more) and several dependent clause (one or more).

how to correct my sentence

Common Sentence Structure Errors

Now that you know the types of sentence structure, let’s check the most common sentence errors people often skip.

  • Run-on sentence. Run-on sentence means that you wrote two independent clauses but they are not joined by a period, comma or semicolon. You just combine them without any logic: “This star is very bright it is called Sirius.”
  • Comma splice. If you join two independent clauses by simply using a comma, you create a comma splice. For example, “My sister enjoys climbing mountains, she has just returned from Everest.” To fix it, you need either to add coordinating conjunction or replace the comma with a semicolon.
  • Sentence fragments. Fragmented sentences are those that do not express any complete thought. Usually, a sentence fragment is a sentence that is missing a subject, a verb or both: “This dangerous fire over there.” 

Online Sentence Correction

Instead of asking, “Can you correct my sentence?” all the time, why not correct it yourself using a double negative sentence checker? There are plenty of editing tools online that can provide you with feedback regarding your work without you having to pay any fees at all. They are quite handy since you’ll be able to correct your sentences on your own. Once you’ve done the corrections, you can run your paper on the editing tool to see if everything is perfect.

Correct Grammar Sentence Program

“Can you correct my sentence?” should no longer be a question that you’ll be asking time and time again especially now that you can make use of online sentence corrector. Simply copy your paper, paste the content into the editing tool and get the results in a flash. This helps you save time, effort and money as well.

5 Tips on How to Fix the Sentence Using Our Sentence Checker

With the seemingly perpetual erosion of good grammar, more and more people are turning to online editing tools to improve their writing. Unfortunately, not all tools are created equal. Some are out there to siphon your funds or harvest your info, while others deliver what they actually promise. 

Here, our engineering team strongly believes that no matter how the look and feel of our sentence checker evolves, it needs to continue solving your problem. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 5 tips that will help you make the most out of our correct grammar sentence software.

  • Install Chrome Extension. Our online sentence fixer is available as a Chrome extension, which provides real-time and accurate writing suggestions on Google Docs, emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other online documents.
  • Flag grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. ‘How can I fix my sentence’ and ‘how can I edit my sentence’ are some of the most searched phrases online. If this sounds like you, our sentence checker offers comprehensive feedback on grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and clarity.
  • Find the perfect vocabulary. The online sentence fixer is more than just an editing and proofreading tool. It helps you write with boldness, easily express your ideas, and suggests the best vocabulary in your writing.
  • Catch accidental plagiarism. Plagiarism is more accidental than it is intentional. It entails presenting someone else’s work as your own or using someone else’s work without attribution. Our checker comes with a comprehensive plagiarism checker, which helps flag accidental or intentional plagiarism.
  • Use the free version. As a student or startup company, you may not have sufficient funds to hire a professional editor. Our sentence corrector comes with a free-to-use version, which allows you to identify all grammar-related mistakes without spending a fortune.

Correct my sentence now?