Metaphor Checker: The Detailed Guide

What Is a Metaphor?

Metaphor is a very important expression extensively used in literature, poetry, and in formal conversation. It makes a symbolic comparison between two items, ideas, or phrases, which are literally not similar but help establish a comparative conception.


“The symbolic or figurative phrase of expression that compares the similarity in concepts through literally dissimilar or unrelated things, phrases, or even expressions is known as metaphor in the English language”


How to find metaphors in text with the help of their main features and ideas is explained below:

  • Metaphor hails from Greek language’s base word “Metaphora”, which means to transfer
  • A word or phrase that describes certain inherent characteristics of a thing or concept is used to describe the features of another thing or concept through a figurative comparison.
  • It is used to compare an entity or concept through a characteristic meaning of metaphor
  • Considering them literally will lead to unrelated outcomes unless the symbolic meaning is not identified and compared


  • Heart of a lion – Used to compare a brave man with this metaphor
  • A winning lottery – A golden opportunity to benefit from
  • Sinking heart – Expresses the feeling of deeper sorrow and gloominess
  • Heart of stone – Shows the comparison with cruel nature of a person  

Types of Metaphors Our Online Metaphor Check Can Find

how to identify a metaphor

There are five major types of metaphors in the English language that you can easily find through our online essay checker and corrector application such as:

  • Implied metaphor – The metaphors that are not fully explained and can be assumed or implied to compare a condition or characteristic. A few examples of implied metaphor include; owling singer, mule standing ground, feet tied, free bird, etc.  
  • Standard metaphor – A type of metaphor that compares two synonym features or characteristics of two entities directly. A few examples of standard metaphors include; the apple of my eye, my mother is my sunshine, and others
  • Visual metaphor – The visual description of an entity used to compare or describe a feature or a situation is known as a visual metaphor. A few examples of visual metaphors include; He is a lion in the group, my car is a flying bird and others.
  • Dead metaphor – Those metaphors that have lost their imaginative luster and become a part of the language understood by everyone like a phrase. A few examples of dead metaphors include; falling in love, shooting photos, the heart of gold, and others.
  • Extended metaphor – A type of metaphor that is used for comparing certain ideas in a long sentence, paragraphs, or even a complete article. A few examples of extended metaphors include; bootlickers are venomous snakes, a long journey starts with a step, and others.

Major Differences: How to Identify a Metaphor and a Simile in Text?

The main differences between a metaphor and a simile traced by our writing checker platform are mentioned in the table. You can use those differences in how to identify a metaphor from a simile in a text.



It is a word or phrase used to indirectly compare two entities or features.

A simile is used to compare two entities or features directly

It does use any linking word to establish comparison such as like or as.

It uses the words “like” and “as” to compare two different entities or features

It is a broader term that can be used not only in a sentence but also in paragraphs and entire articles.

Similes are not broader in usage; they are limited to a sentence

Example: He is a lion in his class

Example: He is like a lion in his class

It is comparatively difficult to trace in text

It is easier to trace in the text


Top Capabilities of Our Online Metaphor Checker

metaphor checker

Is this a metaphor checker that offers additional features than metaphor checking only? Yes, you can find a range of additional features such as:

  • Finds and fixes simile, analogy, and other writing parameters
  • Detects grammatical mistakes in your writing
  • Corrects spelling and punctuation issues in your text
  • Resolves active and passive voice misuses
  • Rectifies incorrect word choices
  • Detects any plagiarized content
  • Finds out the tone of your writing
  • Enhances sentence structures
  • And much more

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