Special Sentence Fragment Corrector

Sentence Corrector: Why Do You Need It?

It can be tough to avoid sentence fragments when you write because it takes a good knowledge of English to do this. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with all the complex grammar rules which can certainly affect how they write. This can be a problem especially if you have to work on an academic paper or important document, like your resume. The good news is that there is a way for you to solve your sentence fragment problems and that is by using a professional writing checker.

Sentence Fragment Quiz

Test your grammar in just a few minutes by answering ten questions. You will be given a sentence or a sentence fragment. You will need to look at these questions and answers and decide whether it is a complete sentence or a fragment that needs revision.

Before you start off remember:

The complete sentence should have a subject and predicate.

Put questions: “Who?”, “What did he/she do?”. If you can answer both, then this is a sentence.

Sometimes, however,  sentence fragments can constitute sentences with the main clauses partially omitted. This can only occur when the context explains the situation. Such sentences must follow each other. Now that you are ready to prove your knowledge, good luck with the questions!

>> Define a Sentence Fragment: 10-Sentence Quiz! <<

Sentence Fragment Definition and Examples

Sentence fragments are often the easiest structural problem to understand within your writing. A sentence should contain as a minimum a subject and predicate (a verb) and must be able to express a complete idea. If any of these are missing then you have a fragment. A sentence fragment is, therefore, any sentence that contains no verb or subject or cannot express a complete thought.

For example, the following would all be identified and corrected by our sentence fragment fixer:

  • The highly skilled singer.
  • Struck the bell soundly.
  • The fastest gun in the West.
  • Focussed intently on the screen.

How Do You Identify Sentence Fragments?

A sentence is a complete thought. If the sentence does not express a complete thought then it is going to be a fragment. This means that it lacks either the verb or the subject. There are several different indicators that you can spot in your writing that will help you to find fragments. The following are some of the issues that you can look for if you want to go about correcting sentence fragments:

  • Sentences that start with a word ending in “ing”, “ed” or an irregular past participle. This is what is known as a particle phrase fragment.
  • Sentences that start with “to” followed by your verb. This is an infinitive phrase fragment.
  • Afterthought fragments: these usually start with a word such as excluding, especially and for example.
  • Lonely verb fragments: these are sentences in which there is no verb and can often start with words such as and, took, and but.
  • Appositive fragments: this is a sentence in which you have used an appositive which can in itself be quite long-winded. The end result is that the sentence may lack the verb

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment

When you proofread online and find that sentence fragment you must know how to correct it. Correcting sentence fragments usually means adding in the missing part of the sentence or connecting it to an adjacent sentence using the correct conjunction and punctuation.

The following are some examples of how to correct a sentence fragment:

Fragment Correction
The great big hairy shaggy dog. The great big hairy shaggy dog sat on the mat.
Shaking headed into the cabin. Mary shaking, headed into the cabin.
But without looking. She headed into the road, but without looking.
The highly renowned and respected singer. The highly renowned and respected singer hit the high notes.
One of the best resorts you will find. The beach was in one of the best resorts you will find.

Why Use Our Is This a Sentence Fragment Checker?

Using a sentence type identifier is often the quickest and most reliable way of finding issues within your writing online. Searching through your own writing is hard work as well as being time-consuming. Often you can lose concentration or get distracted and miss what you are looking for. Our software to identify sentence fragments, however, will always find what it has been programmed to find for you.

The Advantages of Using Our Fragment Fixer

Correcting sentence fragments is not the only thing that our effective tool can help you with. It comes with all of these benefits:

  • It offers comprehensive checking of your work: it can review your writing for issues with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • It can help you to avoid issues with plagiarism: the tool quickly checks to see if any of your writing may be seen as copied material.
  • It is available for you to use 24/7: simply access our tool and you can use it at any time to fully check your writing.
  • No need to download anything: simply use our tool from anywhere in the world online from any device.
  • It is quick: it takes the tool only a few seconds to work its way through your writing to identify any issues that may be there.
  • It is completely free: you will not be charged anything to make use of our professional tool to review your work.
  • It works on all types of documents and subjects: you can use it for everything from your school work through to business documents.
  • It will help you to fix any issues: it does not just find problems. It will also provide you with suggested changes and clear information showing how to fix the issue.

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Automatic Fragment Sentence Corrector

Where can I grammar check sentences free?  It’s okay to be confused about sentence structure and grammar. To fix your sentence, you need to be able to identify the beginning and the end of the clause, the way that it relates to the other clause in the sentence, and then make sure that the punctuation is correctly used and that the two are put together correctly in terms of fluidity and structure.

If this sounds like something challenging to pull off on a sentence by sentence basis, it surely can be, but our automatic fragment sentence checker is here to help.

correct fragment sentences online

If you’re determined to cope with this task on your own, however, here are some tips that can help you out along the way:

  • There are two main ways of correcting a sentence fragment: adding the main clause to create a full sentence or connecting a fragment to the already existing clause.
  • Learn to identify the fragments: subordinate clause fragment will begin with a subordinate conjunction, a relative pronoun, or a relative adverb. That’s where fragment sentence corrector would be able to save up some time for you.
  • Fix lonely verb fragments: sometimes a subject is not included in the sentence, thus the verb is just floating on its own and a word group becomes a lonely verb fragment. Example:

    Took the stained piece of paper and threw it at the top of the pile of old documents.

  • Appositive fragments: appositive is a noun clause that serves as a clarification to the main noun. It can be quite long and because of that people tend to think the fragment to be a complete sentence. It’s not. Here’s an example of this:

    A girl whom he knew his entire life.

Supreme Sentence Fragment Finder Online Tool

Make sentences complete and meaningful by using our online sentence fragment identifier Application

How to Use Our Fragment Checker?

Our fragment checker free app is a very simple and easy-to-use software through a very intuitive web interface. It does not require any kind of formal training or unique computer skill sets or even follow a long learning curve. You can access our online web-based application instantly through a range of supported web browsers available in the marketplace from anywhere across the globe at any time. You need to take just a few steps on the main interface of our fragment finder application as mentioned below:

  • Either copy and paste the desired text into the widget of our online application or directly type your text into the text space
  • To start the search for mistakes related to sentence fragments, either hit return or the “check your text” button located underneath the widget
  • Our online automatically scans your entire text inserted into the widget for sentence fragment mistakes and displays all fragmented sentences and other mistakes clearly highlighted. 
  • Just hover the mouse pointer over the underlined/highlighted mistakes to display the correct option for the error to choose from
  • Click the right option and repeat the above steps for the other mistake. You are done!

Best Sentence Fragment Detector You Can Find Online

You can find plenty of apps and tools to correct sentence structure on the web. However, you need to be careful with them, as not every software is accurate and capable of detecting sentence fragments.

What we offer is a sentence fragment corrector that can detect more than 400 types of errors so that you can fully rely on the software while working on your text.

This sentence punctuation corrector is quite handy since it can detect any fragments in your writing within minutes. It doesn’t matter how long your paper is, this online tool will be able to check your work for any errors. You just copy and paste your work into the field and feedback at no time – that’s it 🙂

Get help from an automatic sentence fragment corrector today?