Everything You Need to Know on How to Beat Turnitin with an Effective Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism can become a serious issue and spoil your results if you do not detect copied parts on time. It is obvious that writing a good literature review requires using various sources. Still, it is crucial to rewrite the information you found in your own unique way. Otherwise, you can face serious consequences. Luckily, there’s no need to find plagiarism on your own, as there are plenty of parallel structure checker tools on the web. Plagiarism detector free online will help you to highlight the copied parts so that you will be able to fix them in a timely fashion.

Cheating Turnitin 2019

Launched in 1997, Turnitin is a plagiarism detector that discovers find any similarities with other existing sources. As a commercial system based on the internet, it helps students to assess their papers to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing. How to do plagiarism check prior to Turnitin. Many students opt to copy content from another source without realizing that plagiarism is a serious offense and punishable by law. They do not know how to check for plagiarism before Turnitin, and they may need a paraphrasing UK help. Although this world is run by technology and information easily found, students should not rationalize using begging the question of why they can copy the work of another.

How Does Turnitin Detect Plagiarism?

When you submit your paper, Turnitin compares it to their massive database, websites, books, articles, etc. Using Turnitin’s originality checker to test your work, it will automatically be sent through Turnitin’s repository. Then a Similarity Report is generated by identifying possible instances of plagiarism. Called the similarity index, it provides a basic indication of how much information contained in your file is copied from other sources in the Turnitin repositories. This percentage is a raw amount of matching words that matched.

What is a good Turnitin score? Returned percentage below 15% would indicate no plagiarism, however, if the 15% of matching text is one continuous block this could still be considered plagiarism. Anything over 25% would probably be a high percentage! When there is high authorship detection and you still continue to submit the work, it is tantamount to academic misconduct.

Plagiarism UK Universities

  • The Guardian freedom of information requests Russell Group to find instances of cheating at 24 leading institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. It showed that academic misconduct cases surged by 40%, from 2,640 to 3,721, between the academic years 2014-15 and 2016-17. Experts are concerned about the findings. The reason for it may be the pressure under which young people study, that leads to academic misconduct. Plagiarism in UK universities is on the rise, and it is regrettable that students often cheat to help them get their degrees. Furthermore, it is also easier to access websites that offer paid-to-order essays.
  • Leeds University has the highest report on cheating.  Cases of academic misconduct have more than doubled from 181 to 433, in three years.
  • At Glasgow University, the number escalated from 161 to 394. The figures caused government concern about contract cheating, where students employ ghostwriters to complete their assignments.

Reports suggest that plagiarism is also rampant in universities. The wealth of information provided by the internet offers the best resource to plagiarize and, as a result, three years ago, almost 50,000 students were caught cheating that constituted a so-called “plagiarism epidemic”.

Top Five Plagiarism Scandals

These examples show why keeping your content unique is crucially important to avoid stress and conflicts.

  1. The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s over Germany: This was the book written by Stephen Ambrose and published in 2002. Speculations went around revealing that it was plagiarized from the book ‘Wings of Morning: The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down over Germany in World War II.

  2. Love is a Wonderful Thing: It was a song by Michael Bolton stolen from a song by Islet Brothers (1991). The 9th Circuit of Appeal in the US fined the singer a whopping amount of $5.4M.

  3. Commencement Speech: Melissa Elias was accused of copying the one made by Anna Quindlen, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Although she resigned from post becoming a school board member, she insisted she did nothing wrong.

  4. Speech: Barack Obama, US president was accused of copying the speech made by Deval Patrick, a US governor, during the campaign in February, 2o08.

  5. New York Times column: Maureen Dowd of the NY times was controversial when put under fire after her column, compared side by side with a column made by Josh Marshall, was discovered plagiarized.

How Many Students Are Guilty of Plagiarism?

Once is not enough for students to plagiarize. Universities of UK are in the midst of a “plagiarism epidemic.” In a recent survey made by the Psychological Record Study showed that out of 24,000 students at 70 high schools,  64 % of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58 % admitted to plagiarism and about 95% of students said did some form of cheating, whether it was copying homework, a plagiarism or a test.

paraphrase and beat turnitin easy

In the web, it takes only seconds to copy/paste assignments from your word processor. You can revise sentences online by pasting your text into the checker field to see if the text is free from any error. Seventy-five percent of postgraduates at the Queen Mary University of London who was discovered to have plagiarized their work were overseas students. At Staffordshire University, 20% of the student body consisting of foreign students was involved in cheating. Universities found with the most numbers of students guilty of cheating:

  • University of Kent: Found 1,947 cheats. There were 5 students caught who arranged someone else to take their exams.
  • University of Westminster: Found 1,933 cheats. Westminster U was one of the 11 universities that discovered 1,000 or more students have been cheating over the past three years.
  • University of East London: Found 1,828 cheats. In the129 universities included in the list, 35% of cases were non-EU, although there were only 12%, non-EU students in the student population.
  • Sheffield Hallam University: Found 1, 740 cheats. Rich students pay for professional lecturers up to doctorate level from writing agencies to write their coursework.
  • Oxford Brookes: Found 1,711 cheats.  Type-1 cheating involved by copying and pasting work of others found in the web but plagiarism is beginning to slow down because of checkers, type-2 cheating of paying professional writing services are still going strong.

How to Reduce Similarity on Turnitin

  • Paraphrase. Find information that is perfect for your research paper and after reading, explain in your own words. Do not write sentence copied verbatim in a row, if there are, you will have to use quotation marks.
  • Cite. Just follow guidelines of document formatting used by the educational institution. This includes the name of the author(s), the publication date or similar information.
  • Quoting. Follow the quote as it appears for using as incorrect quotes constitute plagiarism allegations.
  • Citing Quotes. Cite a quote by adding page number, or paragraph number if coming from web content.
  • Citing Your Own Material. If you are using your own materials, treat the text the same as you would if someone else wrote it.
  • Referencing. Include a reference page or page of works cited at the end of your research paper. This specific information includes the name of the author(s), publication date, the title of the material and its source. Look at paraphrasing plagiarism examples.

how to check for plagiarism before turnitin help

Beat Turnitin with Online Plagiarism Checker for Free

Online Plagiarism Checker and Plagiarism Checker for Google Docs will assist you in reviewing your paper thoroughly and highlighting all copied fragments. To avoid plagiarism, you just need to see the report and rephrase the needed parts to avoid getting high plagiarism percentage in Turnitin. Similarity checkers online is the best way to check your paper fast.

Highly Reliable Turnitin Paraphrasing Checker Online

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Benefits of Using Turnitin Paraphrasing Checker

Plagiarism is one of the most critical legal and moral crimes in almost all fields of industries such as education, research, entertainment, journalism, history, technology, culture, performing arts, healthcare, and many others. Detecting any kind of plagiarized text in your thesis, dissertation, or any other research work is very easy and simple with the help of the Turnitin platform, which is extensively adopted by almost all major universities, institutes, and organizations worldwide. To beat the Turnitin software application, you can benefit from a range of paraphrasing software that helps you make your text free from any kind of plagiarism.

There are numerous benefits of using Turnitin paraphrase to get the desired text from other sources rephrased such as:

  1. Higher level accuracy – The reliability of rephrased text achieved through paraphrase Turnitin checker application is very high to beat the minimum requirements of Turnitin percentage of similarities. The strong power of online processing of numerous sources and designated repositories makes it one of the most reliable detector and paraphrasing platforms that you can rely upon with full confidence. It helps a range of students, researchers, and other writers across industries to compare all aspects of the test by using different algorithms powered by the cutting-edge technologies available in the marketplace.
  2. Greater readability – Even after the rephrasing of text from different types of sources, the smoothness of the text remains incredibly very high. Normally, software-based paraphrasing makes the text very vague and unclear to understand. The readability and interpretability of the text go drastically down the normal standards. But our online paraphrasing application is designed with the most powerful technological components and professional expertise to offer greater readability and interpretability.
  3. Huge saving of cost and time – You can paraphrase any text from any resource with correct citations and references, but it takes huge time and energy. This entire manual paraphrasing activity through either “Do It Yourself” or a professional service will cost you huge money and time. Our online paraphrasing application accomplishes it within a few seconds at any time from anywhere to save you substantial cost and time simultaneously.
  4. Support for multiple standards and styles – The paraphrasing Turnitin software application supports numerous writing standards and referencing styles such as American Psychological Association (APA), Harvard Systems, Modern Language Association (MLA) systems, Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA), Chicago, and many others simultaneously to offer you with full flexibility and freedom to remove all types of plagiarism in your content in line with those standards.
  5. Easy to use application – The Turnitin paraphrasing online software platform is very easy and simple to use without any long learning curve or formal training. The interface of the software app is very intuitive and you can use it without facing any kind of problem. You need to just copy/paste the content from a source and hit the return button to rephrase your desired content instantly.
  6. Consistent learning – Our online paraphrasing tool provides you with an option to continually improve your understanding of rephrasing, plagiarism, and major sources of high-quality and reliable content. You can also improve your understanding of standards, formats, citations, and referencing styles regularly.

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