Revise a Sentence Online to Avoid These Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Revise a sentence online is something that many people do in order to correct any grammar or spelling mistake in their writing, even when many people prefer doing it by themselves, these tools can actually offer more than you think. Even so, these tools are actually being used more and more by time, and most people tend to do it because they help at correcting complex and simple mistakes. Using such tools can be helpful in your academic writing also, for example it will help to manage with adult nursing personal statement writing.

If you are looking to check a sentence for grammar but don’t have the time or you just are too tired to do it, there’s always an option for you to help you spot any mistake in your writing and eventually enhance the meaning and purpose of what you want to write. These options that you can use to check grammatical errors in sentences are online writing tools or checking tools that will correct and refine sentence online you want to correct in search of any grammar, spelling or even syntax mistake on your writing, eventually improving the way it was written and making it easier to understand. Writing correct sentences is an aim we need to achieve.

Free grammar checker software will not only correct any mistake you have but actually give you recommendations on how to improve your writing to eventually make it easier for your audience to read, with more engaging language and a more compelling style if you get to find the correct online checking tool to search for mistakes in your writing. After making a grammar correction sentences, these tools will tell you why and where you can improve your writing, giving you recommendations on how to enhance the language you used and how to improve the comprehension of your text by checking the whole text against misplaced words, punctuation marks and even sentences without a proper structure.

These services normally work by the simple type a sentence and check grammar rule, that offers a better result in the checking for mistakes in the text. However, there are many of these mistakes that are actually very easy to spot and are the most common to be corrected by checking tools, and we have made a list of these mistakes for you to know how to easily correct them. If you want to know how to correct grammar in a sentence against the most common mistakes, we recommend taking a look further into this article.

Common Grammar Mistakes while Writing

There are many mistakes that can be spotted on written texts, however, there are some of them that are actually easy to spot, not only because they can be mistakes that many people don’t take into account, but because they are actually very common as most writers don’t see them as mistakes. These are:

1. Misplaced apostrophes

Misplaced apostrophes are one of the most common mistakes made while writing, and one of the most common to be corrected by online checking tools. Many people tend to use these apostrophes to make plural forms of nouns and that can be totally seen as a horrendous error or just may not even be spotted. However, it is always important to correct it to avoid misunderstandings in the purpose of a text or meaning of a sentence.

2. Your and you’re

These both words are homophones, as they sound the same but they’re actually written different and have different meanings. When using an online tool to revise a sentence online, many writers find out that this error is very common when writing, especially because the similarities are big between both words.

3. Its and it’s

These both words are also homophones, being written almost the same and having the same pronunciation but actually differing on the meaning and purpose. This is also a problem with the first point, as many people think that the word “It’s” can be used as a possessive, while it is actually a short form of saying “It is”, while “its” is the correct possessive form of the pronoun “it”.

4. Could, should, and would of

These words are the past form of the words Can, Should and Will respectively. However, these words are often used for more complex sentences, sometimes indicating different meanings that their normal forms. However, the common mistake people make when using them is by creating a sentence using “could of” or “should of” and even “would of” instead of using “could have” and so on.

These forms have different meanings, and if they are used incorrectly they can totally change the purpose and correct meaning of a sentence.

5. There, their, and they’re

This is a common mistake that many online tools to revise a sentence online tend to correct a lot. Same with the last few, it happens because they all sound almost the same, so people tend to confuse them when writing as they have different meaning and can totally change a sentence purpose.

Where there is when someone refers to a place, there is a possessive form for them and there is the short form of “they are”, so, as you can see, using them incorrectly may confuse many readers and make a sentence be difficult to understand.

6. Fewer and less

This error tends to happen because many people don’t know the correct meaning of each one, thus they don’t know how to correctly use them. If someone doesn’t know the difference between them, they are more likely to commit mistakes with them when writing.

“Fewer” tends to refers to items or things that can be counted individually, and it can be used with the adjective “many”. On the other hand, the word “less” is often used for things that are uncountable, like water or sand, and can be used with the word “much”.

7. Who, whose and whom

This mistake is corrected by services of type a sentence and check grammar because most people confuse the exact difference between them. In here, who is mostly used to refer to the subject of a sentence, the doer, the one that gets to act in a sentence.

On the other hand, who is used for the object, the thing that gets affected by the action of the doer, or the action in the sentence itself. While whose is used to ask about the possession of something as if the possessor is not known.

grammar rule about adjective


Pros and Cons of Online Checking Tools

As we’ve said before, if you want to check a text in search of grammar correction sentences, there are no better tools than online checking tools. However, these tools are not totally exempt from problems, as they are very likely to actually make mistakes or just enhance a problem with your writing if the tool is not totally perfect for what you wrote.

grammar rule about predicate

Saying this, it is totally up to you to know what kind of tool you want to check a sentence for grammar with, depending on the kind of text you need a checking for, the subject of the text and the way it was written, as it can totally change the final outcome for better or for worse. Here you have the most common pros and cons of sentences corrector tools:


  • They check the grammatical errors in sentences faster than any person
  • They can spot things that you may have missed when writing or revising
  • These services are often free of charge and totally easy to use
  • They help people to save time and effort


  • These tools may commit mistakes when correcting depending on the type of text
  • They all offer different features – sometimes these are not totally useful
  • Technical text may be harder to check and tools may even create mistakes with them
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Secrets to Check a Sentence for Grammar Correctly

The main characteristic that a writer has to take into account when checking a sentence for grammar with an online tool is that these services are not always totally correct and can commit mistakes in the process. However, this can be avoided if the writer takes care of the online checking tool he uses to check sentence for grammar. To avoid choosing the wrong grammar correction sentences tool, the writer should always take into account the reputation of the service or tool he wants to make use of. By doing this, the writer can be sure that the tool is actually being used by people who write, especially when looking for a tool that makes a correction for a specific type of text.

The other secret in choosing an online tool to check grammatical errors in sentences of a text is to know the quality of the tool, and this can only be done by testing it first. To test an online checking tool, the writer must select a text with the right amount of complex and simple sentences, while also doing with the right amount of technical words and terms in order to see if the tool correctly checks and improves the text against mistakes. Finally, the writer should always take into account what kind of text he wants to correct, at this is the most important characteristic to check a sentence for grammar, as the use of a bad grammar or language can totally change the meaning of a sentence or a text completely, making the writer feel ashamed or just wrong about using a tool that doesn’t help to improve the text.

Simple Present Tense English Grammar Rules The simple present tense in English is used to describe an action that is regular, true or normal. USAGE 1.

Why Are They Useful

These online checking tools are not only a great way of making a text look better by correcting grammar and syntax mistakes that the writer made while writing, but actually one of the faster and useful ways of doing it, saving time and effort to the writer that may not have enough time to do it. Also, these tools can actually help writers to know and learn how to spot and check grammatical errors in sentences, making it less difficult in the future to spot mistakes and errors in texts.

However, these tools to check a sentence for grammar are mostly used by people who want their text to be correctly checked and improved. That’s why we totally recommend using them. The grammar correction sentences tool are always a great way of making a text look better and communicate clearly about a subject or theme, without spending too much time or effort.

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What Are the Reasons to Use Sentence Reviser?

The most fundamental reason to use an online application is to make the sentences free from any kinds of grammatical, structure, and effectiveness issues so that the desired objectives of writing can be achieved fully. Our grammar revision online application helps you accomplish all that with greater speed, cost-efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness. The most important reasons to choose our sentence reviser app include:

  • Incomparable accuracy – The accuracy of results provided by our online sentence corrector tool is unparalleled as compared to all major competitors in the marketplace. Our platform incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and professional input from language specialists, linguists, and grammaticians to produce extremely reliable results.   
  • Cost-efficiency – You can use our sentence fixer tool for free with the basic features and capabilities. To access the advanced features and a range of additional desirable features in our premium unlimited subscription with a very affordable monthly charge. Thus, you achieve greater cost-efficiency by using our online revise sentence tool in both types of subscriptions.
  • Saves precious time – Using our online sentence corrector saves you substantial time because it is always available to use through any supported web browser from anywhere across the globe without making you wait in long queues. The turnaround time for getting results through our application is just a few seconds. You save significant time, which you can use for other productive work.
  • Comprehensive writing solution – Our online revise sentence app deals not only with sentence correction but also offers capabilities to correct other grammatical mistakes such as parts of issues, active/passive misuses, spelling, and punctuation errors, word choice mistakes, and many others. It can also detect the tone of your writing. Thus, you get a complete writing solution under one single roof.
  • Plagiarism detection – Another main reason to use our online sentence reviser tool is its capability to detect any plagiarized content in writing by comparing the desired text with the already published text through a range of sources such as online web content, blogs, research papers, knowledge bases, repositories, university sources, journals, and many others. Thus, you get 100% unique text to avert any kind of legal and copyright infringement crimes.
  • Unlimited access – Whether you are accessing our online sentence reviser tool in a freemium or premium subscription, you get an unlimited offer to access and use our platform without any cap at all. You can revise your draft as many times as you like and check again through our platform to tweak your writing to your full satisfaction.
  • Continual improvement – Our online platform offers you an option to continually enhance your writing and editing skills through corrective suggestions. Those suggestions are accompanied by full explanation, which helps you improve your grammar, editing, proofreading, and other writing skills consistently with any formal training.
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform – Our online sentence corrector tool is a web-based application with a very intuitive interface. You can use our tool easily with a few very simple steps such as copying/pasting text and clicking on the “check your text” button. You can also use effective support through web browser plugins.  

What’s Good about Using Checking Tools

Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, sentence revisors online can assist you with hundreds of error types at a blink of an eye. So, have you ever wondered “Is there one app that can replace many others on the Internet and correct my sentence?”. Yes, now you can choose multifunctional software to use only one app all the time.

It’s also very easy to correct sentences online free, as you need just to paste the text, check the corrections offered and fix the errors highlighted.

So, taking it all into account, there’s no reason to spend your precious time to manual proofreading anymore, as you can get your free grammar helper and forget about writing issues forever.

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