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Complete Sentence Checker

Writing a document is a long and labored process that requires you to go through many different things to get it right, and one of the most important, but one that people also, unfortunately, often ignore, is the sentence check. This editing stage is crucial to make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct and error-free.

Let’s admit that many of us skip proofreading not just because it takes a good deal of time and effort, but also as it requires a lot of skill and expertise in terms of knowing complex grammar rules. And that’s what the check this sentence tool is here for.

Professional Sentence Checker Online

The toughest part of completing the sentence check is simply making sure that you go through all the requirements and make sure that all your punctuation, words, syntax, structure, and formatting is correct. Doing so takes a level of knowledge and commitment that people often don’t have, but now all you have to do is enlist the help of our English sentence corrector and you can get the top-notch grammar that you need easier than ever! Whenever you’re looking how to fix run on sentences, our complete sentence checker is here to provide you with the services you need to get it right! It takes no time, is easy to use, and highly reliable!

When you’re correcting a sentence, with or without our English sentence checker, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • Subject-verb agreement: you must remember that subject and verb both have to be either singular or plural. If the subject is represented by a collective noun, the verb is singular; if the subjects are connected by AND, the verb is plural, etc.
  • Apply parallelism: if you start with infinitive then all phrases should be in the infinitive. For example:
    Judy hated dancing, running, and exercising in general. 
  • Clauses vs. phrases: try not to confuse these two. Clauses contain noun+verb and may be joined by conjunction. Rest – are phrases.
  • Lay and lie: the endless debate of whether to put “lie” or “lay”. To break it down, “lie” means “to recline” and cannot have an object, while “lay” means “to put down” and requires and object. Examples:

    Let me lie down here.

    He laid the guitar by his side.

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Completing a thorough sentence check is the toughest part of the editing process, and thus, its the one that people, unfortunately, commonly overlook or ignore. Later, it can cost them much, as poor sentence structure and grammar can ruin the message of the text. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your content and ideas are if you can’t present them in a way that’s clear, understandable, and convincing. However, it takes lots of time to pore over each sentence as well as skill and expertise to know all the rules, but a correct sentence checker is here to make it easier than ever! Simply paste your paper into the sentence correction checker, and you’ll get it back right away with the changes made.

Sentence Structure. Sentence Elements

While this sentence checker can tell you if your sentence has all of the correct elements and if they are in the right place, you still need to know what they are. The following will run through all of the different parts of the sentence:

  • Subject:

This is who or what the sentence is about and will be mention once within the sentence. It can be a person, an animal, a place, a thing or even an idea. For instance, “Dog” is the subject in: “The dog sat.”

  • Verb:

This is the action that the subject has taken within your sentence. So in “The dog sat” the verb is “sat.”

  • Object:

Similar to the subject but this is the person or thing that is acted upon by the verb. For instance “Mat” in “The dog sat on the mat.”

  • Prepositional Phrase:

A prepositional phrase can be a word such as for, in, at, after, until, etc. It will modify one of the words in the sentence. For example “in the kitchen” in the sentence “The dog sat on the mat in the kitchen.”

  • Independent Clause:

An independent clause is a complete thought that contains as a minimum a subject and a verb. As such it is a complete sentence in its own right and can stand alone.

  • Dependent Clause:

Also called a subordinate clause this combination of subject and verb fails to provide a complete thought in its own right. As such it cannot stand as a sentence on its own and will usually need to be connected to an independent clause.

What Are the Main Types of Simple Sentence?

There are four types of a simple sentence that you will use within your writing and speech. Our “is this a full sentence checker” will be able to show you if the sentence you have used is correct. The following are the main types of sentences that you could use:

  • Simple or Declarative Sentence: this is the most commonly used and basic sentence and is used to relay information to your audience. It will always start with a capital letter and will end with a period: “The dog sat on the mat.”
  • Command or Imperative Sentence: these are sentences that tell someone to do something such as “Please turn off the light when you leave the room.”
  • Question or Interrogative Sentence: these are sentences that ask your audience a question. These will always end with a question mark: “Doe your punctuation and grammar have to be perfect?”
  • Exclamatory Sentence: these are sentences that make a statement while seeking to express strong emotion. They will often end with an explanation point: “The dog was huge!”

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What Makes a Sentence Complete?

Many will use a proper sentence checker to see if their sentences are complete rather than fragments. To be a complete sentence it must:

  • Start with a capital letter and end with either a period, exclamation point, or a question mark.
  • Express a complete thought.
  • Contain both a subject and a verb.

If it does not contain all of the above then our “is this a complete sentence checker” will highlight your sentence for correction. Missing any of these points will show your sentence as a fragment.

How Do You Detect Incomplete Sentences?

If you are going to check if your sentences are complete you should look at each sentence in turn and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who or what is the subject of the sentence? If there is no subject such as in “Then slipped in the wet mud.” Then the subject is a fragment as it does not have a subject.
  • What are they doing? For example: “The big fat opera singer.” There is no verb within the sentence.
  • Can the sentence stand as a complete thought? For example: “Because they fell down the stairs.” This sentence may contain a subject and a verb but the thought is incomplete and would be considered a subordinate clause or a fragment.

What Can Our Complex Sentence Checker Find in Your Writing?

Our professional free check writing software is able to fully check for all forms of structural errors in your sentences. It can successfully spot and help you to correct issues such as:

  • Run on sentences: our compound sentence checker will be able to see if there are two independent clauses that have not been separated by appropriate punctuation.
  • Sentence fragments: our online sentence structure help will be able to quickly show you any incomplete sentences within your writing.
  • Comma splice detection: similar to run on sentences a comma splice is where you separate the two clauses with only a comma and no coordinating conjunction. Our punctuation in compound/complex sentences checker will highlight and correct these issues.
  • Agreement between verb and subject: a common issue is having one singular and the other plural. Our subject-verb agreement checker will quickly highlight where you have made this common mistake.
  • No comma after an introductory phrase or word: another common error that our highly efficient software will be able to easily spot in your writing.

Steps to Check Your Sentences Online

“How do I check my writing using your free grammar checker?” I hear you ask. Our tool is designed to be as simple as possible and all you will need to do to get your writing fully checked for hundreds of potential grammatical and punctuation errors is to:

  • Paste the writing to be reviewed into the online tool and click to start the process.
  • Allow the tool to work through your writing checking for problems: this takes only seconds to complete.
  • Work your way through the results and implement the suggested corrections or make changes of your own.
  • Copy and paste the corrected sentences back into the original document.

With Our Complete Sentence Checker Great Grammar Is More Accessible Than Ever!

Now you don’t have to spend ages going through your sentences, just enter your text into a grammatically correct sentence checker and you’ll get it back in seconds with your grammar looking great! Our complete sentence checker was designed by professionals to be as easy to use and highly effective as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a fragment sentence checker, a punctuation checker, or just a basic grammar checker, you can count on our automatic program to provide you with the best results! It’s simple, easy to use, and highly effective, so next time you want to improve your grammar but don’t have the time to do a revision, don’t worry!

You can always count on automatic sentence checker to get the job done?