How to Check Grammar, Spelling and Plagiarism in Google Docs

Google Docs is a very popular and useful cloud-based service offered under Google Suite, which consists of numerous other services including Google Docs offered by Google Inc. The total number of users of Google Suite commonly referred to as G Suite is over 2 billion. The number of downloads of the google docs app from Google Play Store has crossed 500 million in 2018.

Millions of people use Google Docs on a daily basis. According to Statista information, more than 29% of the people in the USA use Google docs daily, and more than 35% of the users use Google Docs 2 to 3 times a week. The importance of how to check grammar in Google docs and how to enable spell check in google docs becomes very high in such widespread use of google docs. 

Let’s talk about how to activate spell and grammar check in Google docs, what are benefits of using google docs, which is the best-automated tool to help on how to spell check in Google Docs, and the step by step procedure of installing and using the Grammarly extension to check spelling, grammar, and plagiarism in an online document in Google Docs. 

Importance of Grammar/Spelling Check in Google Docs

How to turn on grammar check in Google Docs is a very important aspect for a writer that uses the professional services of Google Docs. For a good writer, an automated tool for checking spelling, grammar, and plagiarism plays a very supportive role in improving writing quality and increasing the speed of work. A professional writer always considers a high-quality spelling, grammar, and plagiarism check as its top priority on how to enable grammar check in Google docs.

Over time, the writing skills are also being influenced by the innovative and efficient tools available in the marketplace. Like every other field, the competition and professionalism in the writing field have also increased significantly. Any mistake in spelling and grammar would reduce the chances of a writer for his/her future jobs drastically. Using a professional-level automated tool on how to do a grammar check in Google docs is very crucial to help improve the writing efficiency, usability, quality, speed, and effectiveness drastically.

The major benefits of using a powerful and professional-grade tool for checking grammar, spelling, and plagiarism in your Google docs are listed below.

  • Helps you make your writing more attractive and professional
  • Helps you check your mistakes related to spelling, grammar, and plagiarism faster
  • Helps improve your writing skills, productivity, and efficiency to help you earn more
  • Helps you establish the reputation of a professional writer in the marketplace
  • Helps you increase your chance of future jobs and get higher salaries in the market
  • Helps you achieve satisfied customers through professional-level writings powered by professional tools of spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checking. 

Limitation of Built-in Google Docs Spelling Checker

Google Docs service is a new service as compared to Microsoft Office. The service started getting deeper traction after 2012 when the services of Google Drive were launched. The improvements in the features and capabilities of Google Docs ran slowly in the early times. The built-in Google doc spelling checker was also one of those features that showed limitations heavily.

In the early stages, Google doc’s spelling checker was not capable of recognizing all spelling, grammar, and plagiarism mistakes. The improvements in this feature are still continuing but the spelling checker faces numerous challenges to cope with those flaws and limitations.

The major limitations of the spell checker on how to do spell check in Google Docs include the following:

  • Context-dependent words – How to make a check in Google docs for context-dependent words is a big limitation in G Docs spell checker. For example, writing both words – “there” and “their” – is correct but, the correct grammatical use can only be verified by checking the context of the sentence, where the built-in sentence structure checker lacks. 
  • Variation in English – There are numerous variations of English spoken in different countries and regions. To adjust all of those variations in languages is a big challenge for an auto spell checker.
  • Limited dictionary – Having a limited dictionary on how to run spell check in Google Docs is another limitation of the built-in spell checker of Google Docs. The improvement in the dictionary to increase the efficiency of how to use spell check in Google docs is being made continuously.
  • A wide range of cultures, slangs, and spelling variations – English language is not a universally homogenous language, but it is highly influenced by different cultures, countries, regions, variety of slangs, and spelling variations. How to run grammar check in Google Docs that can address all those challenges is also a big limit for the built-in spell checker in G docs.

The built-in spell checker of Google Docs has some flaws due to the above-mentioned limitations. The core businesses of Google Inc include provisioning of technical ICT solutions, especially those solutions, which are based on cloud and internet services. So, providing a professional-level service in the linguistic field is also a challenge for the Google docs offerings. 

What Is the Way-out for Grammar/Spelling Check in Google Docs?

To overcome those limitations of the built-in spelling checker in Google docs, Google has partnered with Grammarly Inc for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism check in Google Docs. Grammarly is a dedicated service to provide professional linguistic services for professionals, educational institutes, and businesses. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that make it one of the most popular services on how to grammar check in Google docs and other online as well as offline text services.

How to Install Grammarly Extension for Spelling Checks in Google Docs?

Grammarly Inc has launched a Google Chrome extension in Beta version, which is available for everyone who uses chrome for accessing their Google docs. How to have grammar check in Google docs is made so simple and easy with this fix my grammar extension. It works very well on Google docs to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes and offering them correct options. The Grammarly knows much better than many other competitors in the market on how to check for plagiarism in Google docs.

How to turn spell check on in Google docs? Follow the below-given step by steps procedure.

How to Install Grammarly Extension

  • Type Grammarly for Chrome in the search field. The desired extension appears as shown in the following screenshot.

How to Find Grammarly Extension

  • Click the ‘Grammarly for Chrome’. The Add to Chrome button appears.

Installing Grammarly for Chrome

  • Click the Add to Chrome button. Pop windows will appear with an option to add the extension as shown below.

Grammarly for Chrome

  • Click the Add extension button. The Grammarly extension will start downloading and installing and you will receive a confirmation message through a pop-up message as shown below.

Grammarly for Chrome Extension

  • Open Google Docs in Google Chrome browser. Click the extension symbol located at the top-right of the browser. The Grammarly for Chrome extension will appear.

How to Check Grammar in Google Docs

  • Click the Grammarly for Chrome link. Pop-up window to confirm your action appears.
  • Click the TURN IT ON button. The desired extension is installed. The confirmation message appears at the bottom-right corner of the browser as shown below.

How to Check Spelling in Google Docs

Now, you can use all features available for free. The free features include help with punctuation, spelling and grammar. The Grammarly offers numerous additional features in paid services, which are offered in two major categories known as Premium and Business services.

How to Check Spelling/Grammar/Plagiarism through Grammarly Extension?

The spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker tool of Grammarly is available in free as well as paid versions. The free version of the Grammarly tool for Google Docs offers the services of spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking. It does not support plagiarism checking.

When you activate the Grammarly extension in Google docs, the tool offers the services that you are subscribed to. If you are using a free service you will get access to the limited features of the Grammarly service and if you have a paid subscription, you will get access to the additional features to check spelling and grammatical errors. You will also get access to the plagiarism checking services.

To use the Grammarly spelling and grammar checker in Google docs, take the following steps by step procedure.

  • Log into your Google account to access Google Docs.
  • Log into your Grammarly subscription to use your subscription with the Grammarly services
  • Open the desired Google Docs document that you want to check for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism issues.
  • The Grammarly extension automatically checks your document and suggests the corrections. The major spelling mistakes are underlined with red bars, potential mistakes are underlined with the blue bar, advanced-level mistakes are underlined with orange lines as shown in the following screenshot. 

How Grammarly Extension Works

  • When you hover the mouse arrow over the underlined word, the suggestion will popup to click on the word. When you click on the underlined word, the available correct options will be suggested as shown in the following snapshot.

Grammar Check in Google Docs

  • Click the suggested correct option if you feel it is right. If you don’t feel that option as a correct one, click the Dismiss option.
  • To see the details of the correct suggestion, click the See more in the Grammarly option. The details will appear in the right pane of the page as shown in the following screenshot.

Advanced Editing in Google Docs

  • To check for the advanced issues, you need to have a premium subscription of the Grammarly services.

Perfect Text with Grammarly Extension

  • So, click the See what’s in Premium link, you will land on the Grammarly subscription page, where you can change your subscription category as shown in the following screenshot.

Grammarly Plans

  • To disable the Grammarly extension for your Google Docs, click the disable button located at the right-bottom of the page as shown in the snapshot.

How to Turn Grammarly Off

Note: You will get many other options and advanced features with the premium and business services of the Grammarly spell checking tool.

Pros of Having a Paid Grammarly Spelling/Grammar/Plagiarism Check in Google Docs

Like any other cloud-based services, using the paid Grammarly service offers you not only the advanced features and capabilities but also a high-level of security. It is highly recommended by the security professionals to always use paid services, which offer many benefits including security-related advantages.

The major pros of having a paid Grammarly spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker in Google docs are listed below.

  • Offers features for detecting and correcting the advanced grammatical mistakes in Google docs
  • Helps you add compelling dictionary words to make your article more professional
  • Offers you the feature to check the consistency of the article
  • It checks the fluency of the English writing and provides the suggestion to make your article look more fluent
  • Helps you improve the readability of the article by suggesting different options for improvements
  • Checks the plagiarism issue in the content and suggests the revisions to make your article plagiarism-free
  • Checks the types of writings such as polite, formal, confident, and others, to help you make the writing suitable for the objectives that you want to create a document for.
  • Paid versions help change the word choice to make your piece of writing more accurate, meaningful, and attractive.
  • Allows access to all websites that you use for writing text such as comments, recommendations, feedback, and any other type of messages.
  • Paid subscriptions of the Grammarly offer professional-level customer support through email.
  • Paid business subscription offers access to the admin panel for account and billing management for your purchased subscription.
  • Offers greater security and reliability of services  

In the nutshell, paid service helps you make your writing more professional and attractive by tweaking all major aspects of writings.

Trustworthy Google Docs Plagiarism Checker Online

Make your Google docs free from any plagiarism, grammar, and spelling mistakes comprehensively

Comparison: Manual Correction vs Using Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism detection is one of the most complex activities because it involves a huge number of content sources online as well as offline, different standards, and range of criteria in different institutes, organizations, and industries. Without any online software platforms such as Grammarly plagarism checker, it is very difficult to detect plagiarism in Google docs manually.

Numerous differences exist between manual checking of plagiarism and using an online plagiarism checker Google tool as compared in the following table.

Manual Correction Plagiarism Checker Tool
The manual detection of plagiarism require extensively high level of experience, intelligence, and memory of the past researches and work Online plagiarism checker applications are powerful enough to detect all online sources of content and detect any copied text instantly
The efficiency of manual detection of plagiarism is very low A huge efficiency and productivity is offered by an online plagiarism checker app
The turnaround time for manual correction of plagiarism is huge It requires a very short time in minutes to correct plagiarized text in writings
The cost of manual correction is huge as compared to online detection The cost of online plagiarism detection is very small based on monthly charges only
The chances of skipping out on plagiarized content is possible in manual checking due to human-error This is a completely machine-based automated tool with almost no chances of missing out any plagiarized content
Manual correction is only based on offline reading and research about the suspected content to check any kind of plagiarism Online plagiarism checker applications are capable enough to check plagiarism issues in your text both online and offline simultaneously
This method becomes very complex and cumbersome in case of large documents such as dissertations, books, thesis, and others This method of plagiarism checking online is equally effective for smaller and larger files without any major difference

Final Takeaway

Correct spelling, proper use of grammar, and plagiarism free text are the three most important aspects of professional writing in Google docs as well as in other text editors. The built-in spell and grammar checker tools in Google docs are not that effective as dedicated tools like Grammarly. So, using the Grammarly Chrome extension in Google docs is getting more popular nowadays. This article describes the step by step procedure for installing and using the Grammarly spell checker tool effectively. This article also lists the pros of using a paid version of the Grammarly spell/grammar/plagiarism checker tool.