Double Negatives Against English Grammar Check

Using double negatives is one of the common mistakes in English. By double negation, it is usually meant that you used two negative words in the same sentence. If we analyze such sentences, it would become obvious that such error does harm to the meaning of the text, as it turns it into a positive statement, not a negative one. Luckily, there are plenty of sentence structure checkers on the web to detect double negation issue at no time.

Still, to avoid confusion, it is highly recommended to learn more about double negatives in English grammar and avoid them in your sentence structure. Let’s review the rules to understand the problem deeper.

Double negatives are produced with the combination of the negative form of verbs, such as “cannot”, “have not” or “did not” with a negative pronoun like “nobody” or “nothing”.

7 Examples of Double Negatives in English

  • You didn’t see nothing.
  • It wasn’t interesting.
  • She wasn’t neither smart, nor shy.
  • It doesn’t make no sense.
  • This sentence doesn’t have no double negatives.
  • Nobody doesn’t want to visit that town.
  • I don’t want nothing.

English Grammar Check: Are Double Negatives Grammatically Correct?

As was mentioned before, double negatives change the meaning of the sentence to the opposite one, so it can distract and confuse your reader a lot. To forget about this problem, you can simply try a free online grammar and sentence structure checker and follow its instructions on how to correct the text. English grammar checker can help you 24/7 with a wide range of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

double negatives vs english grammar checker

Use English Grammar Checker

There is nothing wrong in using english corrector because it gets rid of the mistakes in your paper. Grammatical mistakes will be thoroughly checked so that you do not need to worry about how you can able pleased the readers and how you can satisfy them. If before you are worried about the errors because you are not much good with grammar, using the checker will be your one-stop solution.

Still, we suggest learning basic grammar rules to be sure that you choose the correct changes offered by the tool. For example, try to learn more about alliteration sentences to know how to create an appealing content.

How English Grammar Checking Works

Of course, you need to paste the text in the field l to begin the sentence correction.

The sentence checker will suggest some changes at once, and you’ll be able to correct the text just by picking the suggestions you agree with. Apart from that, the checker will include sentence rephraser online to check your writing for plagiarism.

With lots of available tools online (e.g., a proper punctuation checker or a free sentence structure checker), start choosing the best. With it, you will be totally satisfied with what you get.

Polish Your Text Using Our Double Negative Calculator

Tip on How to Fix a Double Negative?

A double negative is considered one of the nastiest mistakes in English writing. In double negative error, two negative words or phrases are used in the same sentence. Using double negatives is not a desirable thing in English writing. You can find and fix double negatives by following these useful tips such as:

Tip #1 Identify double negative words correctly before fixing the sentence

You should have the knowledge and expertise to identify the double negative issue in a sentence correctly before rectifying it otherwise it may lead to another major mistake.

Tip #2 Remove negative objects or negative words in the predicate of the sentence first

You can remove any one of the negative words in a sentence. The first choice is to either remove the negative object or the negative word in the predicate of a sentence

Tip #3 Replacing negative verbs should be the second option in a sentence

If removing the negative word used as an object or predicate of a sentence does not render the desired meaning; you should replace the negative verb with the positive one in the second place.

Tip #4 Using double negative in formal language is acceptable

You can leave a few of the most common double negatives in your formal language such as “not bad”, “not unusual” and others.

Tip #5 Always use a double negative calculator online tool

To fix all types of double negative issues perfectly in any kind of writing, use an online double negative corrector for perfect results. 

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