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Check Grammar Errors: Capable of Detecting All Types of Errors

There are times when you constantly revise your papers but you still cannot ensure its 100% accuracy and quality. Luckily for the majority, you can easily avail professional sentence correction online tool that can effectively check grammar errors. Grammatical errors can ruin your reputable and make you insecure with your writing which is why you should take your time to check grammar properly. Check my writing service is available 24/7 to give you excellent help that will surely save you a good deal of time and hassle.

It is proven that punctuation is very important because it is critical in order to have good communication but lots of students struggle from it. Punctuation is one of the elements that should be written correctly because it aims and tell the readers of what you are saying.

Punctuation and Grammar: Annoying Punctuation Misuse

It is true that it is very annoying when you have misuse punctuation because it delivers a different meaning. When you use it correctly, your writing will be dynamic, personable and exciting. On the other hand, if you use it incorrectly, it makes your communication confusing and when your punctuation is poorly written, your writing will be annoying and will only damage your credibility.

Rules of Punctuation

  • Using quotation marks inappropriately: When you used it correctly, it is a valuable asset for reader and humor engagement but when you used it improperly, it raises unintended gaffes and suspicion.

  • Adding extra dots to ellipses: Ellipses are valuable when you write because it allows readers to get rid of words from a direct quote. Writers make mistakes on it when they indicate trailing off.

  • Not hyphening two-word adjectives: If you need to use multiple words in modifying a noun, you need to connect the modifiers by using hyphens.

  • Putting Apostrophes on Acronyms: You need to remember the rule in using apostrophes wherein is it used for contractions such as wasn’t and don’t and possession.

  • Overusing exclamation marks: You only need to use 1 exclamation point in every document. If you emphasize everything in your document, there is nothing to be emphasized. A gazillion of exclamation marks looks that you are yelling.

Correction of Errors in English Sentence Using Top Tools

There are numerous tools online that can check grammar errors quickly. This time-saving solution is perfect for those who have limited time to spare or want to meet their deadlines. Correction of errors in English sentences is done using state of the art technology that focuses on removing grammar mistakes and correct it based on top writing standards.

Check my grammar tools and services online can help you improve your writing simply by proofreading your paper. You no longer have to worry about erroneous content or substandard writing as everything will be proofread to perfection.

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Worst Spelling Mistakes

  • Lose: opposite of the word ‘win’. Loose: meaning “not tight”

  • Weird NOT Wierd

Their, they’re, there

  • Their is possessive – it owns something

  • They’re: a contraction or shortened form of ‘they are’

  • There: referring to an idea or place, but can also point to something abstract. Example: There are many reasons to go to school.

Your, You’re

  • They are both using the same idea as the prior – ‘their’ and ‘they’re’

  • It means that ‘your’ is possessive and that you own something, while ‘you’re’ is a combination of ‘you are.’ Example, ‘You’re (You are) going to church today.’

It’s, Its

  • First is a contraction for either it is or it has. But if you can replace either it has or it is, then use it’s in your sentence.

  • Second signifies possession that is used when one thing possesses or owns something.

Other Most Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Definitely: Remember that there is no ‘A’ in this word, so the next time you are writing this word, check out misspelling by making sure what you wrote is free from ‘A.’

  • Effect and Affect: This pair is commonly interchanged and that they change the meaning of the sentence. If you are getting confused, try to look for another word to replacing them. For instance, ‘The child was affected by his parents.’

  • Weather (means snow, rain, sunshine and typhoons) and Whether: Determine the difference between the two and avoid interchanging them in a sentence. If you don’t mean ‘weather’ like snow, rain or typhoon, you may need to use ‘whether.’

  • A lot or Alot? The second one isn’t even a word, as abunch, acantaloupe….

  • Then and than: The first one is used when you mean ‘time’ in a sequence of actions, while the second one is used when comparing two people, animals, objects, etc.

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Common Business Writing Mistakes

  1. Typographical and poor punctuation errors: They can change the meaning of your text, which is misunderstood by your readers. You should avoid these types of mistakes by proofreading and editing your content. Don’t be a turn off to your boss or to anyone reading your report, proposal or other important types of content by being mindful of your grammar and punctuation.

  2. Passive voice: This is writing in business mistakes to avoid because it is another turn off that makes your business paper unread. Use direct, active sentences, which are easier to understand and read. Learn to make your sentences shorter and straighter.

  3. Run on sentences: They are also common in business writing. They are two sentences joined into one without using the appropriate conjunction, such as ‘and,’ ‘or’ and ‘but.’ If you want your readers to understand your texts easier, avoid run-on sentences by spotting two sentences, which you have written in only one sentence.

  4. Jargons: They are hard to understand words that aren’t read by people, who simply cannot get the point of what you are saying. You should think of replacement words that can be easily understood by the people to read your business paper.

  5. Tone: one of the most common business writing mistakes is setting the right tone. The best thing to do to avoid it is to know your audience and use the right tone to suit their age, profession, and language.

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