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When you use our punctuation helper, we go beyond correcting punctuations but also focus on the consistency of your sentences, using the right words and even checking for basic grammar and spelling errors. With the use of our punctuation check services or grammar check essay service online, your writing will be a lot understandable and will definitely leave a lasting impression to your audience. Instead of stressing over how to effectively proofread your paper, make sure that you simply avail our professional help online. Get premium editing services online now with us to ensure the submission of a powerful paper.

10 Vital Punctuation Rules

Of course, English is a complex language with hundreds of rules related to punctuation and grammar, so we won’t be able to list all of them here.

Still, let’s stop on 10 vital punctuation rules to keep in mind to avoid most common punctuation errors.

  • Keep your punctuation parallel. It means that different parts of your sentence must have the same punctuation for alike structures. For example, if you punctuate a list, make sure to use commas only, and not comma and semicolon.
  • Do not swap dash and hyphen. Remember that hyphen is used to connect different parts of the word, while the dash is needed to join parts of the sentence.
  • Apostrophes are never used to create plural forms of the nouns. They are mostly used to indicate possession or create shorted forms of the verbs.
  • Use a semicolon to join independent clauses if there is no coordinating conjunction.
  • The colon is mostly used at the end of a complete sentence to add some extra elements, for example, a list.
  • Always separate introductory elements with a comma.
  • Never use punctuation outside the quotation marks.
  • Use commas for the lists in case you mention three items and more.
  • Don’t forget about Oxford comma: the comma before “and” which goes before the last item. Without it, the sentence can become confusing.
  • Make sure you use commas in multiple modifiers. For example, “She likes these tasty, sweet, and juicy exotic fruits”.

Punctuation helper online free can easily spot these punctuation errors for you. It provides accessible and fast punctuation help for students and writers so that you’ll never have to worry about proper punctuation again.

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5 Tips and Tricks For Using Our Free Punctuation Checker

Punctuation marks are an important element in English writing. Not only do they help writers add clarity and precision to their writing but also allow them to pause and emphasize certain sections of a sentence or paragraph. When communicating via writing, the last thing you want is to confuse the readers with a misused comma, misplaced period, or omitted quotation mark.

Thankfully, our online punctuation checker can help clean up your writing by ensuring it is punctuated appropriately. Whether it’s academic papers, social media posts, professional email, or any other form of writing, we’ve got one of the best online comma checkers on the market.

The following tips and tricks will help you get the most out of our punctuation checker.

Add the Punctuation Checker to Chrome

If you mainly use web-based email, ensuring you install the tools plug-in or extension into the Chrome browser will help you edit both your emails and or any other online-based web forms. By doing so, you can use the punctuation checker without having to download or install any other new program.

Write In Active Voice

Aside from helping you check punctuation mistakes, the online comma checker has a comprehensive passive checker. This functionality reminds you to write in an active voice, as well as offers helpful explanations on how and how to do it. Additionally, the Chrome plug-in automatically checks all your online documents for potentially embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes in your online documents. 

Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

Plagiarism is more accidental than it is accidental. To ensure that you aren’t accidentally stealing phrases or citing your sources, use the tool’s comprehensive plagiarism checker before hitting the send or publish button.

Save Money with the Free Version

If you are a student or a small startup business, hiring a professional editor can be expensive. Fortunately, we offer a robust free punctuation checker version that allows you to check your documents without paying a subscription fee. 

Take Advantage of the Suggestions 

Probably the best part of the punctuation checker free tool is that it helps you improve your writing, rather than simply correcting your mistakes. You can use the tool to improve your writing skills by taking advantage of the advanced vocabulary checker. This functionality provides comprehensive suggested edits including grammar and punctuation errors, poor tone, passive voice construction, and overly wordy phrases or sentences.

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