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You might be wondering “What is wrong with this sentence?” and overlook some critical grammar and punctuation errors, as some of the grammar rules are quite complex. Today’s topic will help you on that matter. Check out this list to find out what are the common grammar mistakes.


qualitative sentence grammar checker


Top Five Grammar Mistakes

  1. Bring/Take: Remember that bring is used when people bring things TOWARD you, while taking is used when they take things AWAY from you.  Do not interchange the two, either in writing or speaking. Just remember the hints mentioned about the direction of the action: toward and away. That’s it.
  2. Borrow/Lend:  Remember that you borrow something FROM another person, and you lend something TO somebody. When you borrow, someone will hand that object or thing to you, while when you lend, you will hand that object or thing to another person. Don’t interchange the two to avoid this common grammar error, either in speaking or writing.
  3. May/Might: You should know that MAY means a possibility, while MIGHT means far more uncertainty.
  4. If/Whether: ‘If’ means you are expressing a condition where there are no other options, while you say ‘Whether’ when you are expressing a condition where there are at least two options or choices.  So if you are speaking of at least two alternatives, then you should use ‘whether’ to avoid this common grammar mistake on the use of ‘if and whether.’
  5. Since/Because: You should know that SINCE refers to time, but BECAUSE refers to causation. Do not interchange the two as they do not have the same meaning. Just take note and remember that if you were referring to the time you use SINCE, while a cause and effect it is BECAUSE.

Above are only some of the most common grammar mistakes to learn so that you can produce flawless papers you will be proud of, although writing an accurate sentence usually requires taking many other nuances into account.

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