Use Of Grammar In Songs

If you think you don’t need to check grammar in songs, you are probably wrong. It may be annoying to listen to songs that don’t follow grammar rules because there is always a tendency for listeners to think and ask, “Wait, I think it’s wrong?” To avoid the same problem, you should learn how to use grammar even in songs. And before that, you may want to check out the grammar mistakes in some of the most famous songs.

Grammar Mistakes in Songs

  1. Standard and non-standard English is common. Things like, ‘We don’t need no education.’ This is an ex ample of double negatives, don’t you think? Another is ‘Ain’t nothing but a hound dog.’ In this case, not only double negatives are shown but also non-standard English.’

  2. Using ‘me’ or ‘I’ after ‘and’ –sometimes, even native English speakers struggle here, but it can be solved by simply changing another pronoun with a noun. For instance, ‘Kate and I are going to France this year…’ Even the most serious and careful speakers can get these grammar mistakes in songs. For instance is from a song by the ‘Doors’ (Touch Me). ‘Till the stars fall from the sky, for you and I”.

  3. Another type of error is the use of transitive and intransitive verb in the song ‘Lay Lady Lay’ wherein singer Bob Dylan invited his girl to lay across the brass bed. But he knew the rule, did not he? People lie on a surface – intransitive, and people lay a person or something on a surface—transitive.

These three are only three examples of the grammar mistakes people make in songs, but surely, there are more to discover. If you’re a music fan, sometimes you cannot notice these mistakes because the singing style of your idol is just too perfect to notice any errors in song lyric grammar. But in any case, you can try listening and spotting some English flaws in our favorite songs.

Who knows? Grammatical errors in songs may be a good practice for you. Nevertheless, learning proper grammar usage and spotting mistakes is a good skill to possess.

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