Smart Business Buzzwords You Should Add to Your Vocabulary

Do you want to learn about new business words? There are buzzwords that pop up each day, and keeping yourself updated with them is one of the best skills to possess. With the following business words, you can relate better to the things that business people are talking about if you encounter these words in your conversations. And our complete sentence checker will help you as well!

Popular Business Buzzwords

Bleeding edge: It means cutting or leading edge.

CSF: It is Critical success factor, be it price, technology, great service and others

Decruiting: It is the current euphemism for the firing employees.

Deep pyramid: It is the structure of centralized organization, which consists of numerous layers.

Deliverable: It is a product, outcome, result or output.

Disruptive thinking: It is being innovative.

Do not boil the ocean: It means not to waste resources or time.

Emotional leakage: It is a disappointment or anger that transfers from one individual to another.

Excentralize: It is a trend towards the flatter corporate pyramids.

Eyebrow management: It is a management style of using arms length, which the top executive uses to stop the course of action, hinting disapproval

Falling forward: It is a term for risk management in order to learn a process consisting of trying something- a strategy, organizational change or product- and making it a better idea if it does not work

Game changer: it is a step from above

Gatekeeper: It is any department or person that selects or screens.

Hot button: It is the thing that is pushed to get a great response.

Ideation: This word means an ability to think of new, effective ideas.

Informativity: This word means the efficiency degree in which the organization’s detail needs are being handled.

Intrapreneurship: This word refers to creativity and innovation developed within the existing company.

JIT and JIC: It means just in time or just in case.

Let’s speak offline: It is a 1 on 1 or face to face conversation.

MEGO effect: It is the effect to an audience by an inept presenter.

OVA: It stands for overhead value analysis.

Pain points: It means mumbo-jumbo for challenges or problems.

Paradigm shift: The word means something that is revolutionary.

Pushing the envelope: It refers to testing all the boundaries.

Quant: It is a number of women or men.

Quick wins: It means the results that look good and they can be achieved with a minimal effort.

Resonance: It is the effect of idea across an organization

Seamless integration: It means patching things together that no one else will notice.

Synergy: It means a chronically overused buzzword that refers to the cooperative interaction among groups.

Vision statement: It is an explanation of what you want to achieve.

There you have 30 interesting business buzzwords to remember and use in your conversations. Also by the next time that you heard of any of these, you will understand your peers better.

Check out this list if you need some business buzzwords today!

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