Movie Titles With Bad Grammar Examples

If you are fond of reading, you will read some bad grammar wherein you raise your eyebrows because of the mistakes. With that in mind, this page will present some movie titles with bad grammar and how it is being used.

Bad Grammar Examples

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Is it okay to ask a question without putting a question mark at the end of the question? The answer is wrong that is why the phrase is wrong. The suggested correction is Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • Star Trek Into Darkness: It is a movie about a celebrity that goes on long hike in middle of the night, but when you check the title, it is wrong. Here is the suggested correction for the title. Star Trek: Into Darkness.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: It is not a movie you think it was. The sentence was constructed in a wrong way because something is missing. The suggested correction is Honey, I’ve Shrunk the Kids.

  • Two Weeks Notice: The suggested correction is with apostrophe wherein it should be Two Weeks’ Notice.

  • Law Abiding Citizen: Some citizen abides with the law and there are some that are not. In this sentence, it is wrong because something is missing to deliver the right message. The suggested correction is Law- Abiding Citizen.

  • The Ladies Man: The suggested correction is that The Ladies’ Man.

  • The 40 Year-Old Virgin: At first glance, you will say that “s” is missing wherein it must be The 40 Year-Old Virgins but it is incorrect. The correct way to write it is that it should be written with hyphen: The 40- Year Old Virgin.

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding: The right sentence must be My Big, Fat Greek Wedding wherein you need to add comma after the word Big.

  • Eight Legged Freaks: The right word sentence is Eight-Legged Freaks. This means that you need to add a hyphen after the word eight for it to be correct.

  • An Alan Smithee Film Burn Hollywood Burn: The suggested correction is that An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn.

There are funny grammar online and you need to be aware of it to avoid making the same mistakes. Just do your best in writing and proofread always before submitting.

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