Most Common Spelling Mistakes To Avoid

What are the top words to stop misspelling RIGHT NOW? If you want to learn how to avoid spelling mistakes, you should check out the following words commonly misspelled even by native speakers themselves.

Worst Spelling Mistakes

  • Lose– opposite of the word ‘win’ and Loose– meaning not tight

  • Weird NOT Wierd

Their, they’re, there

  • Their is possessive – it owns something

  • They’re – a contraction or shortened form of ‘they are’

  • There- referring to an idea or place, but can also point to something abstract. Example: There are many reasons to go to school.

Your, You’re

  • They are both using the same idea as the prior- ‘their’ and ‘they’re’

  • It means that ‘your’ is possessive and that you own something, while ‘you’re’ is a combination of ‘you are.’ Example, ‘You’re (You are) going to church today.’

It’s, Its

  • First is a contraction for either it is or it has. But if you can replace either it has or it is, then use it’s in your sentence.

  • Second signifies possession that is used when one thing possesses or owns something.

Other Most Common Spelling Mistakes

  • Definitely: Remember that there is no ‘A’ in this word, so the next time you are writing this word, check out misspelling by making sure what you wrote is free from ‘A.’

  • Effect and Affect: This pair is commonly interchanged and that they change the meaning of the sentence. If you are getting confused, try to look for another word to replacing them. For instance, ‘The child was affected by his parents.’

  • Weather (means snow, rain, sunshine and typhoons) and Whether: Determine the difference between the two and avoid interchanging them in a sentence. If you don’t mean ‘weather’ like snow, rain or typhoon, you may need to use ‘whether.’

  • A lot or Alot? The second one isn’t even a word, as abunch, acantaloupe….

  • Then and than: The first one is used when you mean ‘time’ in a sequence of actions, while the second one is used when comparing two people, animals, objects, etc.

There you have the most common spelling mistakes that you should stop committing now!

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