Funny Comma Mistakes

Many people cannot avoid committing mistakes on some punctuations, such as commas. Comma is very important in delivering the perfect meaning of the sentences. If it’s not present or not has been place in the right placed, it definitely delivers another message to readers.

Funny Comma Mistakes

  • Wrong: Let’s eat Grandma!

  • Correct: Let’s eat, Grandma!

  • Wrong: My usual breakfast is coffee, bacon and eggs and toast.

  • Correct: There are 3 food that are listed in here but it’s uncertain which is the 2nd and the 3rd. Adding a comma will remove the ambiguity. With a comma after eggs, the foods are:


Bacon and Eggs


With comma after bacon:



Eggs and toast

  • Wrong: I want to thank my parents, Bill Nye and The Lord

  • Correct: I want to thank my parents, Bill Nye, and The Lord

Comma Mistakes: Change Everything

Whenever you need to write, you need to know how to use proper punctuation because based on the provided examples above, it delivers another meaning. It totally changes everything, which means a single comma that is not absent, or not place in the right thing will definitely ruin what you have written that is why you need to know where you need to place the comma.

Comma Misuse

There are also instances that that the comma is being misused which means it is place in the wrong place. Comma is easy to use as long as you know the rules and methods of using it. That is why if it’s your first time to write, and then be sure you have learned all the rules as well as the methods to avoid mistakes. A single mistake will ruin your paper and will not definitely deliver the message you want to impart. You just waste your time writing that is why before you submit your work; make sure that all commas are in perfect place.

Finally, it is not bad to make mistakes but you need to correct it. Never submit a paper that is not proofread with a help of sentence structure checker and a punctuation helper because you will just only be criticized by other people and by the person who is reading your paper.