Annoying Misuses of Punctuation And Grammar

It is proven that punctuation is very important because it is critical in order to have a good communication but lots of students struggle from it. Punctuation is one of the elements that should be written correctly because it aims and tell the readers of what you are saying.

Punctuation and Grammar: Annoying Misuses of Punctuation

It is true that it is very annoying when you have misuse punctuation because it delivers another or different meaning. When you use it correctly, your writing will be dynamic, personable and exciting. On the other hand, if you use it incorrectly, it makes your communication confusing and when your punctuation is poorly written, your writing will be annoying and will only damage your credibility.

Rules of Punctuation

  • Using quotation marks inappropriately: When you used it correctly, it is a valuable asset for reader and humor engagement but when you used it improperly, it raise unintended gaffes and suspicion.

  • Adding extra dots to ellipses: Ellipses are valuable when you write because it allows readers to get rid of words from a direct quote. Writers make mistakes on it when they indicate trailing off.

  • Not hyphening two word adjectives: If you need to use multiple words in modifying a noun, you need to connect the modifiers by using hyphens.

  • Putting Apostrophes on Acronyms: You need to remember the rule in using apostrophes wherein is it used for contractions such as wasn’t and don’t and possession.

  • Overusing exclamation marks: You only need to use 1 exclamation point in every document. If you emphasize everything in your document, there is nothing to be emphasized. A gazillions of exclamation marks looks that you are yelling.

Misuse of Punctuation

When it comes to punctuation grammar, you can only perfect your writing when you understand the rules in using proper punctuation. Misuse punctuation will only ruin your document that is why you need to know how you need to use the punctuations correctly.

In order not to have an annoying paper, you need to use proper punctuation. Your readers will be impressed and will understand what you are saying that is why you need to take note all the rules in punctuation.

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