30 Forgotten Words We Should Start Using Again

The English words are diverse and wide, but there are also words that many of us have forgotten using. Read this guide to learn old and forgotten words and terms that you should start using in your conversations again and check the sentences with the help of our free sentence corrector!

30 Forgotten Words to Use Again

Agastopia: It means an admiration of a certain part of others body.

Bibble: It means to drink noisily or to eat or drink often.

Cabotage: The word means an exclusive right of a country in controlling air traffic within the borders.

Crapulence: It is denoted as a cranial and intestinal distress arising from debauchery and intemperance.

Doodle sack: It is the old English for bagpipe.

Erinaceous: It is a word that means that something is resembling or pertaining to a hedgehog.

Eye servant: It is a servant who did her duty lazily, except when she or he is in the sight of the master.

Finifugal: If you are fine fugal, it means that you are afraid of finishing anything

Firman: It is a mandate or decree issued by a sovereign.

Flitterwochen: It means fleeting weeks and it refers to a honeymoon.

Fudgel: It means pretending to work when you are not doing anything.

Gabelle: It is the tax on salt.

Grog blossom: It refers to the dilation of the blood vessels that is caused by a long-term overconsumption alcoholic drinks and it is in the alcoholic’s nose.

Halfpace: It is a platform of the staircase where a stair turns back in the exact reverse direction of a lower flight.

Impignorate: It means to mortgage or pawn something.

Jentacular: It is an adjective pertaining to breakfast

Lamprophony: It refers to the clarity and loudness of enunciation.

Macrosmatic: It means a great sense of smell.

Mumpsimus: It is an incorrect opinion that others cling to.

Nimgimmer: The word means a surgeon who is specializing in cuing clap or pox

Numbles: It refers to the internal and intestinal organs of an animal

Oxter: It is the outdated word that means armpit.

Petty fogger: It is an unethical practice used in winning a case.

Pilgarlik: It means a baldhead.

Quire: It means two dozens of paper sheets.

Rattoner: It refers to rats.

Salopettes: The word refers to a high-waist skiing pants with shoulder straps.

Varborough: It is a hand of cards that contains no card above 9.

Xertz: The word means to gulp down greedily and quickly.

Zoanthropy: It refers to the delusion of an individual, believing him/herself changed into an animal.

There you have an interesting list of 30 forgotten words that you might want to start using again. Although they obviously have difficult spellings and pronunciation, they can still be useful in some conversations or even essays.

Refer to this list if you want to learn about forgotten words today!

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